I got my first Golden when I was in pharmacy school and I was lucky enough to get a well bred dog. I called him Mickie and he set the bar high for all the other Goldens that would follow. Mick had a true Golden temperament . He loved everyone and everything. He was smart, funny and a great retriever. I got involved in this wonderful breed because of him.  Mick and I dabbled a bit in obedience but my real passion was revealed to me when I was invited to go to a local dog show. I was instantly hooked! I totally appreciated the beauty of a well balanced, good moving animal. Over the years I have been very selective in dogs that I have bred and owned. I strive to improve the integrity of the breed, choosing dogs carefully to encourage health, temperament, personality and form.

     My beloved Kallie, Ch Stonehill Kinderval's Kaos became my first real Show dog and first Champion back in 1992. She is behind many of the dogs I own today. She was shown a bit by me but because I was learning, she went out with professionals and finished her Championship. Along the way,  I started showing some puppies and ultimately discovered how much I enjoyed getting in the ring and competing myself. I am an owner handler and have put Championships and a Grand Championships on my dogs. I enjoy the teamwork and camaraderie between my dogs and myself.

     Aside from my Goldens, I also have a wonderful horse that I bred. Her name is Matara and she is a registered American Hanoverian. She and I have had a lot of fun over the last 13 years and I look forward to many more with this sweet mare.

      I grew up in West Rutland Vermont but now my family and I reside in the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York on a wonderful 16 acre property with  a  pond that the goldens love to swim and play in.  I am a full time registered Pharmacist but luckily have a wonderful husband who is very helpful in many ways including helping to care for our dogs. Ben loves our dogs and they sure love him. Here at Kinderval, our dogs are house pets first and foremost but we enjoy showing them as much as they enjoy being out in the show ring. Dog shows are a social event for all of us and we are lucky enough to have a great group of dogs and fellow dog show enthusiasts to share great times with.

                                               We are members in good standing with the Golden Retriever Club of America.  2022
It was 28 years ago when my love affair with the Golden Retriever began...